Loop | 循环
2012- 2013
Thumb skin in vials, Fingerprint, Images

‘Loop’ is a one-year project in which the artist collected his thumb skins that were torn off subconsciously every single day between the time of June 26, 2012 to June 26, 2013. Ripping off the skin from thumbs is a habit the artist has for more than a decade. During the time of collection, the skins were being collected within two separate vials every day with fingerprints at the end of the day. The same behavior was constantly repeated throughout the year.

In psychology, ripping one's skin is a form of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Just like biting nails, it is the representation of Repetitive Self-Mutilations. By doing so, it is believed that it generates a calming effect on one's nervous system. It is a type of self-soothing behavior responding to the external stress one’s facing.

The daily collection of peeled-off skin was influenced by the stress and pain the artist perceived psychologically daily, as well as the speed of his thumb skin growth/recovery. The collection of skin represents the sedimentation of daily social, psychological, and physical development of the person which it has been taken by/from. Sometimes the stress causes more skins peeled off, other times there isn’t enough skin to peel. To some extent, this is an orchestra between what the mind needs versus what the body can provide, manifested through the collected skins as a comment of the body-mind dualism, which explores the individual with the environment he lives in.